Practice and employment

Listening and defending the reports of the PhD scientific internship of the 2nd year doctoral students of the EP of the 2020-2021 academic year.

On June 5, 2021, at 11: 00, were an online hearing and defense of reports in an online format in the Microsoft Teams platform on the scientific internship of doctoral students of the 2nd year of the EP "8D05211 – Search Geography and Geoinformation Systems" of the 2020-2021 academic year. The hearing and defense were attended by the scientific supervisors of doctoral students and the teaching staff of the department in the person of Saparov Kuat Tabyldinovich and Mashtaeva Shamshagul Ibragimovna of theDepartment of physical and economic geography, Faculty of natural sciences.
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Results of field training 2 st year, specialty «6В05209-Geography»,

In the period from 24.06.2021 – 12.06.2021, second-year students of the groups Gg-21, Gg-22, Gg-23, Gg-25 of the educational program 6B05209-Geography passed the training landscape practice according to the study plan. Responsible teachers for educational practice: Ramazanova N. E., OzgeldinovaZh. O., Zhanguzhina A. A. In connection with distance learning students gr. Gg-21, Gg-22,Gg-23, Gg-25 passed landscape practice at the place of residence.The types of work in practice are adapted to the specific objects of research.
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Results of field training 1st year, specialty «6В05209-Geography», «6В05210- Hydrology»; «6В01524 - Training of geography teachers»

Students of the department of physical and economic geography of the 1st year students of the specialty «6В05209-Geography», «6В05210- Hydrology», «6В01524 - Training of geography teachers»passed field training from 24.05.– 12.06.2021. The purpose of the practice: consolidation of the theoretical knowledge of students from the 1st year on the practice, understanding the geographical patterns, familiarity with the methods and techniques for determining individual components, getting the skills to perform route topographic surveys.
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