About us

The faculty was established in 2009, marking the beginning of the independent development of system science education in the country. During its existence, it has become one of the dynamically and steadily developing faculties of our university.

Activities in the field of natural science personnel training and research work of the faculty, development plan, structure of recruitment and graduation, staff and material base are being developed and modified in accordance with the objectives of the society.

The faculty formed mainly scientific and educational personnel in the field of chemistry, geography, biotechnology.

According to the vision of the university, the transition to a research university has become a serious challenge for the faculty, demanding from it a radical renewal of the content of university education in the field of natural sciences. The introduction of a modular educational program made it necessary to master dozens of new disciplines and update traditional ones, required to change curricula, solve the problem of textbooks, and strengthen the practical orientation of graduate training.

Today the faculty is represented by the following departments:

- Department of Biotechnology and Microbiology;

- Department of General Biology and Genomics;

- Department of Physical and Economic Geography;

- Department of Chemistry;

- Department of Management and Engineering in the field of environmental protection.

The number of scientific and pedagogical personnel is 130 people, of whom 78% have a degree.

The contingent of students consists of: 1563 bachelors, 343 undergraduates and 84 doctoral students.