Biotechnology and Microbiology

From the moment of its formation, 2009 to 2021, the Department of Biotechnology and Microbiology was headed by PhD, Professor Rustem Omarov Tukenovich.

Currently, the department is headed by Candidate of Biological Sciences, Acting Associate Professor Masalimov Zhaksylyk Kairbekovich.


There are staff teachers:  doctors of sciences - 1, candidates of science - 14, PhD doctors - 6, masters of biotechnology - 9. 

Staff of the Department conducts training in the following areas: 


Bachelor degree:

6B05101 - "Plant Biotechnology and Microbiology"

Object of Professional Activity 

Application of cell and tissue cultures for clonal micropropagation and improvement of plants, cell selection, experimental haploidy; use of molecular and biochemical markers in plant breeding, genetic reconstruction of plants on the basis of methods of cellular and genetic engineering of plants, industrial production of valuable biologically active substances and biological products of plant and microbial origin, biotechnology to create diagnostic and preventive means of plant disease control; operation and quality management of biotechnological productions, the organization and carrying out quality control of raw materials, intermediate products and finished products, pedagogical activity in secondary educational institutions.


6B05102 - "Animal Biotechnology and Bioinformatics"

Object of Professional Activity

Obtaining, studying and application of various biological objects, first of all, modified natural and artificial organisms (from viruses and unicellular to multicellular), as well as biomacromolecules; processing and subsequent analysis of a large array of information on biological objects (decoded genomes, spatial structures of biomolecules, interaction of biological objects); production technologies using biocatalysis, cellular and genetic engineering; operation and quality management of biotechnological production, in compliance with the requirements of national and international regulations; organization and conduct of quality control of raw materials, intermediates and finished products, training in bioengineering and bioinformatics and related disciplines in educational institutions.


Master degree:

7M05103 - "Molecular Biotechnology and Biomedicine"

The object of professional activity 

Biological, bioengineering, biomedical, environmental technologies; biological assessment and monitoring; Instruments and methods used microorganisms, cell cultures derived from them, and using the substances in laboratory and industrial settings; regulations on the production of biotechnology products, international standards, regulatory, design and technological documentation; database technology, technical nature; environmental monitoring data and biological safety of the environment.


7М05104 - "General and Applied Biotechnology".

The object of professional activity

Рroduction, research and application of enzymes, viruses, microorganisms, cell cultures of animals and plants, products of their biosynthesis and biotransformation; production technologies with use of microbiological synthesis, biocatalysis, genetic engineering and nanobiotechnologies; devices and equipment for the study of the properties of microorganisms used, cell cultures obtained with their substances in the laboratory and industrial conditions; installation and equipment for biotechnology processes; quality control of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products; means of environmental assessment and protection from the effects of industrial production.