Training and employment

In the process of training, students undergo all kinds of practices: educational, industrial - in the laboratories of research organizations, the enterprise of the city and region.

Graduates are provided with extensive employment opportunities in:

- departments of the Department of ecology and bioresources; research centers;

- laboratories at medical, biological and veterinary institutions;

- structures of departments of education;

- laboratories of mountains and regional power plants, industrial enterprises and laboratories of agricultural institutions;

- offices and departments of public institutions, health, agriculture, environmental protection.


The objects of professional activity of graduates of the master's degree are universities, colleges, gymnasiums, research institutes, sanitary-epidemiological and anti-plague stations, breeding and variety testing stations, research and production, project management, industry laboratories, units, departments of national environmental agencies, research, production, medical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, administrative, expert, environmental institutions, etc.

Master can work as a teacher, researcher, as a Manager and specialist in the field of management, in the workplace, as well as an expert of various government agencies and non-governmental organizations.

Graduates of the master's degree can perform the following professional activities:

- research;

- pеdagogical;

- production and management and perform management and marketing tasks.;

- organizational and technological;

- environmental;

- expert;

- design.


CVs of our graduates:

Aruzhan Dildabek 2020's Alumni


Zukhra Stamgalieva 2020's Alumni