List of subjects of final works of students

The topics of graduation theses and master's theses are aimed at fulfilling the tasks and achieving the goals of research projects. Thesis/master's thesis - final qualifying work of the student/undergraduate, which is an independent scientific study containing theoretical and/or practical development of relevant problems in the field of biotechnology, based on modern theoretical, methodological and technological achievements of science. Thesis/master's thesis should: 

- correspond to the main problems of the specialty on which the thesis/master's thesis is defended;

- to be actual, to contain scientific novelty and practical significance;

- based on modern theoretical, methodological and technological achievements of science and practice;

- to be carried out using modern methods of scientific research;

- contain research (methodical, practical) sections on the main protected provisions;

- based on international best practices in the relevant field of knowledge.

Thesis/master's thesis is carried out by the student/undergraduate independently and alone, it should contain a set of new scientific results and provisions put forward for public defense. As a scientific work, a master's thesis/project should have internal unity and testify to the personal contribution of the student/undergraduate to science. 

The new solutions proposed by the student/undergraduate should be strictly reasoned and critically evaluated compared to the known solutions. In the projects having applied value, data on practical use of the received scientific results are given, and in the dissertations having theoretical value - recommendations on use of scientific conclusions.



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Topics of theses