Practice and employment

 Graduates of the Department of chemistry are employed in the following organizations:

    1. PI "National Laboratory Astana»
    2. RGP Bolnitsa Medical Center UDP RK
    3. LLP " Institute of chemistry and technology"
    4. Branch of RGP on PCV" Kazhydromet " on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Turkestan region
    5. Central laboratory of the Committee for the supervision of the state enterprise of the Republic of Kazakhstan
    6. RGP" center of sanitary and epidemiological expertise " MC UDP RK
    7. RGP on PCV "National Reference Center for veterinary medicine" (NRCV)
    8. Regional Laboratory of forensic expertise of G. Nur-Sultan
    9. SK " LLP-pharmacy"
    10. Air Astana JSC»
    11. Kokshetau State University im. Sh. Ualikhanova
    12. Kazakh agrotechnical university named after S. Seifullina
    13. Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools
    14. KSU "Secondary School No. 18", G. Nur-Sultan
    15. KSU " School-gymnasium No. 80 im.S. Seifullina", G. Nur-Sultan
    16. KSU " School-gymnasium No. 4 im.Zh. Zhabayeva", G. Nur-Sultan
    17. KSU "school-Lyceum No. 66", G. Nur-Sultan
    18. MR.-KHAN LLP"
    19. Educational Center "Kazbilim" and etc.


 Urdabayeva Makpal
A master degree in Chemistry (specialty 6M011200)
Workplace: JSC “Nomad Eco”
 Amanzholova Raushan
A master degree in Chemistry (specialty 6M011200)
Workplace: №81 “Astana English school” special gymnasia, Nur-Sultan
 Lisovskaya Lana
A master degree in Chemistry (specialty 6M060600)
Workplace: The Institute of Nuclear Physics' Astana branch



The professional practice of students of the Department of Chemistry of L.N Gumilyov ENU is an important component of the chemical education of chemists graduating from L.N Gumilyov ENU. Venues - workshops, areas of industrial enterprises associated with chemical production; laboratories and control and analytical services of enterprises, as well as scientific and technical departments of organizations. An agreement is concluded between the enterprises that are the bases of industrial practice and the university, which reflects all the organizational and technical issues of industrial practice. The main objectives of the practice of students of the Department of Chemistry at industrial enterprises are as follows:

1. to consolidate the knowledge gained by students in the study of chemical disciplines;

 2. to acquaint students with typical solutions to problems in the environment of industrial enterprises and their central laboratories; 

3. to acquaint students with the most effective schematic solutions of chemical and technological processes in the structure of a modern industrial enterprise, to develop the ability to critically analyze existing industries, to compare them with alternative solutions;


4. to give an idea and skills for the implementation of the results of research work at the implementation stage, paying special attention to the systematic analysis of alternative technological solutions, drawing up technological tasks (TТ) and technical specifications (TS);


Production practice _2021-2022


 Report on the practice