6B05301-"Applied chemistry"

6B05301-"Applied chemistry"

Sphere of application

The educational program is designed to train biologists to work in industrial laboratories, biological and medical expertise, environmental, customs, sanitary-epidemiological and certification services; in research organizations (institutes, laboratories), in secondary schools, colleges, lyceums, gymnasiums and education departments

Awarded degree

Bachelor of Natural Science in the educational program 6В05306 -  Аpplied Chemistry (Chemistry)

The purpose of the EP

Preparation of bachelors with fundamental knowledge in the chemical sciences, able to use theoretical and practical knowledge to solve professional problems in the field of chemistry and chemical production.

List of specialist positions

- Chemist

- chemist-engineer

- chemist – laboratory

-  in educational institutions


Sphere of professional activity

organizational and technological activities: 

-in institutions and enterprises of the chemical industry

research activities: 

- in research organizations of chemical profile;

educational activities:

- in srecial educational institutions.


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