Presentation of the certificates of the advanced training course

During 4 weeks in the period June-July in Almaty were held refresher courses with a focus on learning English in the framework of the state program of multilingualism. Further, for two months, online training was conducted with a focus on professional English. During the course, teachers of the faculty of natural sciences successfully passed this training and passed the exams. As a result they were sent certificates from Almaty.

In connection with this event on September 19, 2018. was the solemn presentation of certificates on the occasion of successful training under the program "Improving the qualifications of the faculty, for the intensive training of teaching staff, the teaching staff of universities, taking into account the experience of the basic universities of the State Program of Industrial and Innovative Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the development of entrepreneurship skills, including on-line mode on the specialties "Geography", "Biology", "Chemistry".

Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences Shapekova Nelya Lukpanovna made a solemn speech and awarded certificates of faculty members of the departments of chemistry, biotechnology and microbiology, physical and economic geography.

Certificates received:

1. Candidate of chemical sciences, associate professor Zhatkanbayeva Zhanna Kalanbekovna;

2. Doctor PhD, sen. teacher Shaymardan Minavar;

3. Ph.D., sen. lecturer Omarova Lyazakat Sultanovna;

4. Doctor of biological sciences, professor Sarsenbayev Kanat Nurullaevich;

5. Sen. teacher Arybaeva Kamshat Maksutovna;

6. Sen. teacher Ospanova Gulnar Shaimerdenovna;

7. Sen. teacher Darybay Temirbay Okasuly;

8. Teacher Toxanbayeva Sabina Tursynovna.





Toxanbayeva Sabina Tursynovna,

Department of Physical and Economic Geography