The harm of drug addiction and alcoholism. Suicide prevention

Kazakhstan ranks third in the world in the number of suicides. Suicide prevention is a joint work of specialists and parents. Young people become addicted to alcohol at an age when they should not drink at all. At this crucial stage of the body's development, alcohol - even in small amounts - is especially harmful to health, and many young people smoke vape and electronic cigarettes quite often, thinking that it is safe, but students do not know what diseases they can provoke. In this regard, on March 18, 2022, a resident physician, a psychiatrist, a narcologist, a state municipal enterprise on the right of economic management of the Semey Psychiatric Dispensary, Berikbolova Gulim Berikbolkyzy held an online (Zoom) event in the form of a lecture on suicide prevention, on the harm of narcotic substances and alcohol on the human body for 1st year students "Animal biotechnology and bioinformatics" and the 2nd course "Plant Biotechnology and Microbiology". The curatorial hour was organized by the teachers of the Biotechnology and microbiology department G.O. Ilderbayeva and A.M. Shalabayeva on the topic: "The harm of drug addiction and alcoholism. Suicide prevention". At the same time, students actively asked questions to the specialist and received a lot of useful tips on the prevention of harmful substances and suicide.

Gulim Berikbolkyzy we express our great gratitude to you for touching upon topical problem among university students and giving useful tips on suicide prevention!