Training field practice of the 2nd year of specialty 5B061000 - "Hydrology" (2020)

In the period from May 25 to June 13, 2020, field training was held for 2nd year students of the specialty 5B061000 - “Hydrology” of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Department of “Physical and Economic Geography”. The practice was held remotely on Zoom and Microsoft Teams training platforms together with the responsible practice leaders Sh.I. Mashtaeva and Құrmangazy E.

The purpose of the practice is to consolidate theoretical knowledge and deepen the practical skills acquired during studies in 1-2 courses.

Objectives of field practice:

 Conducting safety training during practical training, labor protection.

 Acquaintance with the plan of conducting field training practice and with the objectives of the practice.


 Familiarization with the work carried out during the practice, as well as with the instruments and works used and carried out during field training.