Seminar on international law for hydrologists.

On October 18-19, 2018, Astana hosted a seminar on international water law for specialists of state institutions and specialists of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The main speaker of the seminar was Sergey Vinogradov, an internationally recognized expert on international water law, Professor of the University of Dundee (UK). In this seminar, actively participated teachers of the faculty of natural Sciences, Department of physical and economic geography, specialization "Hydrology", Turuspekova Elvira Muratovna and Toxanbayeva Sabina Tursynovna. Also there were representatives of the public service, 8 presented the WCS of the Ministry of agriculture, NGOs, water users Association. At the end of the event, all participants were given certificates and handouts of presentations. Teachers were very happy to participate and now the knowledge will be used in training with students, because they teach the discipline "International cooperation in hydrology", the information received at the seminar was very useful and informative.

The event is organized by the regional environmental center of Central Asia (CAREC).
The main purpose of this seminar was to improve the skills and professional skills of officials and specialists of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of transboundary water resources management in Central Asia through the use of legal instruments governing the joint operation of transboundary watercourses.

8 topics were raised concerning the management of water resources and international law of the States of transboundary rivers:
1) the Concept and essence of international law and its role in the settlement of inter-state relations and disagreements over transboundary water resources;
2) International water law: sources and main legal instruments. Global water conventions and their application in the Aral sea basin;
3) Basic principles and norms of international water law.
4) Procedural and institutional mechanisms for international cooperation in the protection and use of transboundary water resources;
5) Mechanisms for settlement of international disputes on the use of transboundary water resources;
6) International legal framework of interstate water and energy cooperation in Central Asia;
7) position Of the Republic of Kazakhstan on water and energy cooperation in Central Asia;
8) Practical training-transboundary water dispute settlement and negotiation.

Toxanbayeva Sabina Tursynovna,
Turyspekova Elvira Muratovna,
Department of Physical and Economic Geography.