Religious extremism-activities that undermine the religious integrity of society

L. N. Gumilyov Eurasian national University, faculty of natural Sciences, Department of Physical and economic geography, on September 18, 2020, in accordance with the curatorial plan, S. R. Sadvakasova held an open class for 1st - year students of the specialty 6B05210-Hydrology (Guide-11 and Guide - 12)on the topic "Religious extremism-activities that undermine the religious integrity of society", which was held in the Zoom platform. The open lesson was held with the participation of senior curator of the Department Abdizhapar U. T. and employee of the Department of social and civil development Daribay Muratbek.

The following questions were discussed during the open session: What is religious extremism? What are the causes of religious scandals in Kazakhstan? What are the ultimate goals of negative groups under the guise of religion? What will be the protection measures?

Religious extremism is a phenomenon aimed at inciting discord, hatred and politicization of religion in the country, thereby having a negative impact on society. At the same time, foreign missionaries, believing in the Possibilities of the law "On freedom of religion", managed to root the roots of their ideology and conduct propaganda in the country. In this regard, the leader of the nation N. Nazarbayev said: "Although extremism is not widespread in Kazakhstan, there is a certain risk of religious instability in our country. Of course, if we don't sense this danger in time and prevent it..." It turned out that the largest share of propagandists of religious extremism is young people. In this regard, as a precautionary measure, religious studies classes are held among young people in schools, higher and secondary educational institutions, which are conducted by qualified specialists in the field of religion, political science and theology, and efforts are also being made to control the activities of religious organizations and limit their scope of activity.

During the lesson, Daribay Muratbek shared with students his ideas on the topic under discussion, asked students a few questions, and told them? Explained and answered all the questions asked by students and teachers on the topic of religious extremism. In conclusion, we can note that the open class was held at a high level, and the information provided to students was rich and important.