A scientific courses started its work on January 22, 2019 at the LN Gumilyov ENU.
“Miracles happen” for students of Astana schools, organized by the Department of Chemistry as part of career guidance. The goal is constructive cooperation in addressing new areas of joint university activities in reforming school science education. The event contributes to the improvement of the educational activities of school students, increasing interest in the chemical sciences, and intensifies contacts between the university and schools. Informal conditions are also created for career guidance activities.
            School students of 7-11 grades of secondary schools № 42, 48, 60, 64, 72, 82, RPMS and the teachers of chemistry took part in the work of the scientific course. The organizers had prepared a program including cognitive, entertaining and experimental experiments.
           The participants were provided with the main educational programs of the department. Then they took part in an exciting and informative presentation of experiments. Teacher B. Suleimenova showed classic experiments and their significance in everyday life.
Schoolchildren had the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities during an interesting experiment on iron determination by the titrimetric method, organized by Dr. PhD K.S. Tosmaganbetova.

       The feature of the event was that the students had the opportunity to be inside of the chemical laboratory with all the necessary equipment, to reveal the creative potential and to form the interest of students toward the chemical sciences.
       The science courses will work weekly. The program is planned to give lectures by professors, associate professors of the department of chemistry, solving the problem tasks and conducting a chemical experiment.



Oxidation-reduction reactions. Solve tasks.


Lesson plan
1 Conducting experiments relating to redox reactions.
2 Preparation of electron transition schemes based on changes in the oxidation states of atoms or ions
3 Molecular-ionic equations, redox reactions
4 Oxidisers and reducing agents
5 Oxidation-reduction duality
6 The reaction of disproportionation 
7 Intramolecular oxidation-reduction reactions
8 Equivalents and normal solutions of oxidizing agents and reducing agents
9 Galvanic cell. Redox potentials and determination of oxidation – reduction reaction direction
10 Electrolysis. Faraday's Law.


On February 5, 2019, a lecture by the senior teacher of the chemistry department Omarova Lazakat Sultanova and doctor`s of study chemistry Tashenov Yerbolat on the subject “Redox Reactions” for schoolchildren and teachers of Astana was held at the Department of Chemistry of the Faculty of Natural Sciences. This topic is one of the most important and fundamental topics for the formation of knowledge in chemistry. Assignments on this topic are often found in the test questions of the UNT(unique national testing), which determines the relevance among school graduates.


During the lecture, the main emphasis was placed on establishing the directions of the reduction reaction, the use of products, the use of the values of standard redox potentials.
The obtained theoretical knowledge was supported by practical experience. The students did their own hands experiments, clearly demonstrating the processes occurring during redox reactions. Namely, the influence of the medium (pH) on the recovery of potassium permanganate with sodium sulfite. The test substance has a color from violet to colorless, after that green and red-brown.


At the end of the lecture, the tasks of developing redox reactions were considered in detail.


The open session called "Ionometry" as part of the educational lessons - "Miracles exist" for secondary school and lyceum students was conducted by representatives of the Chemistry Department on 12.02.2019.
During the session the capabilities of electrochemical sensors-ion-selective electrodes have been demostrated. Moreover, applicatiion of these electrodes in the analysis and research, as well as their future development prospects in this area were discussed by professor Amerkhanova Sh. K. and associate Professor Shlyapov R. M.


During the open session the experimental work "Potentiometric titration of copper-containing solutions with Trilon B"was carried out.


In total, there were 17 attendants including students and teachers. The positive feedback on material content has been collected.



Scientific chemistry - to schoolchildren


On April 30, the final lesson of the scientific club “Miracles Happens” took place, at which Professor S.S. Dosmagambetova gave a lecture on the topic “Acid-base titration” and together with the senior teacher K.S. Tosmaganbetova conducted a laboratory work to determine the unknown concentration of sodium hydroxide by the method of acid-base titration. In the lecture, Professor S.S.Dosmagambetova gave material on the theoretical foundations and focused the attention of schoolchildren on the advantages and possibilities of this chemical method for analyzing environmental objects exhibiting acid-base properties.




20 students from various schools of Nur-Sultan city took part in the work of the scientific club. Each student individually conducted an experiment and obtained satisfactory results, acquired theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the implementation of this method.



Starting in January 2019 as part of the career-oriented work, the scientific club “Miracles happen” was organized by the Department of Chemistry for schoolchildren of Nur-Sultan city.
Classes of the scientific club were held weekly and for this period the following stuff of the Department of Chemistry gave lectures and held laboratory classes: the head of the chemistry department, professor A.K. Tashenov, the professors of the department Sh.K. Amerkhanova and S.S. Dosmagambetova, associate professors Z.E. O. Suyundikova, G.K. Tazhkenova, L.A. Kusepova, A.K. Tursynova, J.K. Zhatkanbaeva, R.M. Shlyapov, T.T. Mashan, senior teachers K.S. Tosmaganbetova, L.S. Omarova, teachers E.O. Tashenov, B.Zh. Suleimenova, PhD student A. Akhmetzhan.



In the preparation of the experimental work participated laboratory technicians Zh.T. Azhikhanova, A.A. Okanova, P.A. Parimbek, K.B. Omirzat, A.Sh. Daniyarova, A.Z. Zhakypbekova.
The work of the scientific club among schoolchildren and teachers of the city of Nur-Sultan aroused great interest. Therefore, the Department of Chemistry in the future plans to continue work in this direction.