Mini-dedication of first-year students of the faculty of natural sciences

On September 23, an unofficial mini-dedication of first-year students of the Faculty of Natural Sciences took place at the Schoolchildren's Palace with a special performance by the dance groups of the city of Astana at the annual "Step up" festival. The solemn speech was delivered by the deputy dean for educational work Makasheva Gulmira Sovetgalievna and curator of the first course of the group Gid-12 Toxanbayeva Sabina Tursynovna. 

Further, a program was prepared from activists of the Faculty of Natural Sciences with songs and performances on dombra, as well as contests.

In a relaxed and easy atmosphere, time passed unnoticed and the mini-dedication of first-year students was completed.




Toxanbayeva Sabina Tursynovna,

Department of Physical and Economic Geography