Summer field research of doctoral students 6D060900 Geography

At the Department of Physical and Economic Geography there was a presentation - a report of the summer field research PhD doctoral students of the 3-year course, specialty 6D060900 Geography.

The report was made by the doctoral candidate G. Mazhitov. Field surveys were conducted during the period from May 28 to June 28, 2018. in the North-Kazakhstan region. The scientific adviser is Prof. G.Dzhanaleeva.

The purpose of the summer field research was: to carry out the experimental and experimental part of the research work to obtain field materials and data necessary for geoecological assessment of agro landscapes of the North-Kazakhstan oblast, to carry out field observations of the state and dynamics of the main components of natural landscapes, to study the natural and anthropogenic factors in the formation of modern agrolandscapes .

Summer field studies were carried out on certain routes and key areas. A total of 7 routes and 15 key sites were identified. The choice of routes and placement of key sites was carried out in accordance with regional landscape and geographical features, the structure and location of agricultural land (arable land, hayfields, pastures). The study of the geoecological state of agrolandscapes was carried out on soil and vegetation.

Samples of soils are selected. A geobotanical description of the vegetation was carried out, and cuttings were taken. Further, the physical properties and characteristics of soils and vegetation were determined in the Soil Science Laboratory of the Department of Geography and Ecology of the KSU named after M.Sh. M.Kozybaev.

Chemical-analytical, agrochemical studies of selected soil samples were carried out in specialized laboratories of the RSE Branch at the National Expertise Center of the Public Health Committee of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the SK SK Experimental Station LLP.

At the final stage of the field research, the processing of the collected field material and the analysis of the data obtained were carried out. Based on field studies and collected materials, a database on agrolandscapes of the studied region was created. The results of field research will serve as a basis for geoecological assessment of agro landscapes of the North Kazakhstan region.

In the course of the field research of the third year doctoral student of the Physical and Economic Geography Department G. Mazhitova, her own materials and data were obtained, which are included in the practical part of the thesis.

In the discussion of the presentation, the scientific adviser G.M. Djanaleyeva, chair K.T.Saparov and others.


Kerimbai B.S.

Toksanbaeva S.T.

Department of Physical and Economic Geography