The final conference on industrial practice of the Department of Management and Engineering in the field of environmental protection


Students of the 1st year of the specialty 6B05208-Ecology and nature management passed professional training practice in the period from 25.05.2020 to 13.06.2020. The tasks in the individual work plans of students were to analyze the biodiversity and ecology of their places of residence, ecosystem features, and assess the overall environmental condition of each student. Students also mastered methods and techniques for studying the ecology of soils, water resources and observations of plants and animals, collected a collection of insects and herbarium of plants.

In addition, each student prepared an effective report on the ecosystems and natural features of the region. For timely and proper performance of tasks by practice managers, conferences were held in Microsoft Teams on several occasions.

 At the reporting meeting of professional training practice, the Commission approved by the faculty of the Department, after hearing the report of students, highly appreciated the work of students.