Practice occupies an important place in the preparation of students and is an integral part of the educational process.

Educational and geodetic practice is carried out after studying the theoretical course of geodesy. The main objectives of educational practice: to learn the methodology of simple measurements on the ground; to acquire skills in designing geodetic works, reconnaissance and bookmarking geodetic points; get acquainted with the organization of work on the creation of a survey justification and the implementation of ground-based topographic survey of a site on a scale of 1: 1000.

The practice took place from May 25 to June 13, 2020 in accordance with OP 6B05210 - Hydrology and the academic calendar. In connection with the current situation in the world, the practice was conducted online on the Microsoft Teams platform.

During this time, students consolidated theoretical knowledge, gained practical skills in working with geodetic instruments, learned how to build topographic plans for terrain of various scales, to level the track with the construction of profiles of a given direction with appropriate scales.