Erasmus Plus in ISA Lille with the «Industrial Wastewater Treatment» course

From 23 to 26 of April 2019 acting docent of Chemistry department of Faculty of natural sciences – Ruslan Safarov worked at ISA Lille (Lille, France) in the frame of the academic mobility program Erasmus Plus. During the business trip Ruslan Safarov gave 12 hours of lectures and practical workshops for master students of ISA Lille. The subject of the course was «Industrial Wastewater Treatment». The students were from various countries: Mexico, China, USA, Ukraine, Ghana, Argentina, Kenya, Lebanon, India, Serbia, Afghanistan, Hungary. Among the students were also two girls from Kazakhstan. This international group of master students is learning in accordance with the principle of academic freedom. Teachers from various countries are giving them lectures, e.g. Germany, England, France. Particularly, coming of our teacher was for them the first experience of working with Kazakhstani lecturers.

L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University is a partner of ISA Lille and has a signed agreement of mutual cooperation in the areas of education and science. ISA Lille’s research units are covering topics in Agriculture and Bioengineering from agribusiness and animal welfare, to food processing and soil remediation.

During the visit Ruslan Safarov with the group of students attended a waste refining plant IMOG (Belgium). Specialist from IMOG, Stiven, kindly told about the processes occurring in the plant and about ways of wastewater treatment practically used on their facility.