"Miss Geography 2022"

The Geography-31 group of the Department of Physical and Economic Geography of the Faculty of Natural Sciences held a contest "Miss Geography-2022", dedicated to the International Women's Holiday on March 8, in which the most beautiful, the most intelligent and talented will compete among students of 1-4 courses.

At the contest ” Miss Geography-2022 " participated - Muratova Aruzhan, Murat Aknur, Huangbai Synap, Baltabek Gauhar, Alibekova Aruzhan, Bakhytkhan Rosa and Umitkali Aktoty.

The participating girls competed in 6 contests:

1. self-presentation

2. show your art

3. backfill questions

4. craft

5. culinary art

6. fashionable model

The competition opened with a kui of the orchestra "Dala Sazy". At the organized evening, the Kazakh pop singer, Honored worker – Dosymzhan Tanatarov performed songs. A member of the ENU E-studio group, Askar Miras, also sang.

Following the results of the contest "Miss Geography-2022", the following participants were awarded:

Grand Prix - Umitkali Aktoty, 2nd year student of the Hydrology specialty

I place - Bakhytkhan Rosa, 3rd year student of the Geography specialty

II place - Murat Aknur, 1st year student of the geography specialty

III place-Muratova Aruzhan, 1st year student of the geography specialty