General Biology and Genomics


The Department of General Biology and Genomics was founded in May 2011 on the basis of the Department of Biology and Biotechnology. Currently it is one of the leading educational, scientific and methodical centers of Kazakhstan. The department provides a modern level of biological education, introducing new teaching technologies and expanding the base of scientific research, projects and programs for the development of specialties. The department realizes contractual projects and programs on topical problems of social and economic development of Kazakhstan, strengthens mutually beneficial cooperation with large educational and research organizations of Kazakhstan, near and far abroad.

The department implements undergraduate program "5B060700-Biology", "6В05107 – Biology"; postgraduate program "6M011300-Biology", "6M060700-Biology", "7М05107 – Biology", "7М01513 – Biology" and doctoral programs "6D060700-Biology", "8D05107 –Biology".

The mission of the department is to train highly competitive professionals in accordance with international standards; activation of fundamental and applied research in the field of modern biology.

The faculty employs 21 full-time teachers, including 7 doctors of science, 6 candidates of science, 6 Ph.D., 2 masters. Graduation rate is 90%. For the preparation of doctoral candidates and undergraduates, 9 freelancers were involved. The teaching and teaching staff improves the educational and methodological, scientific research and educational work, the process of training the personnel of the new formation.

Currently, graduates can freely compete on employment market (average employment rate is more than 80 percent), working successfully in the field of biological sciences of Kazakhstan.