Conferences, seminars, round tables

On the basis of the Faculty of Natural Sciences ENU. L.N. Gumilyov regularly hosts various scientific conferences, scientific seminars, round tables with the participation of guests of our university, administrative and management personnel, teachers and students. These events contribute to the integration of science and education, the provision and improvement of the educational process, staff and teacher development, the development and introduction of new educational technologies, and the improvement of pedagogical skills and creativity of teachers in the use of innovative teaching methods.

On this page you can familiarize yourself with the materials of scientific conferences, training seminars and round tables held at the Faculty of Natural Sciences.

The most large-scale conferences at the Faculty of Natural Sciences are:

1. Summer school "Actual problems of modern biology and biomedicine"

2. Republican subject Olympiad in the specialty Hydrology - 5В061000 23-24.04.2018 (

3. International scientific-practical conference "Geosystem approach to the study of the natural environment of the Republic of Kazakhstan" 13-14.04.2018

4. International Scientific Forum "Biology and Biotechnology of the XXI Century" 10.04.2018

5. Exit scientific seminar - Welcome to science - with the participation of the vice-rector. s. Vyacheslavka, the center of green technology. 24.02.2018 (

6. International Scientific Olympiad on Ecology 06.04.2018

7. International Scientific and Practical Conference "Actual problems of geography" 17.11.2017

8. Summer School "Innovative Technologies in Modern Biology and Biotechnology", Astana, L.N. Gumilyov ENU. 03.06.2017

9. International Scientific Forum "Biology and Biotechnology of the XXI Century" 21.04.2017

10. Scientific and practical conference "Тұлға тұғыры және ғылыми дәстүр сабақтастығы" 31.03.2017

11. International Scientific Conference "Molecular and cellular mechanisms of functioning of living systems" 17.03.2017


Plan of scientific seminars for the 1st half of the academic year 2018-19

 Scientific events of the Faculty of Natural Sciences