7M05306-"Physical chemistry"

7M05306-"Physical chemistry"

Sphere of application

The educational program is designed to prepare undergraduates - in the field of physical chemistry

Awarded degree

The master of natural sciences in the educational program 7M05306 - Physical chemistry

The purpose of the EP

Тo train highly qualified, competitive specialists capable of solving professional tasks in a variety of work situations in the direction of training, according to the requirements of employers and state standards in a specific scientific or professional field

List of specialist positions

- Chemist, chemist-engineer (in the laboratories of universities, scientific research institute of chemical, ecological and other profiles, chemical industry enterprises);

- Specialist in the application of physical and chemical methods in various fields of the national economy (petrochemistry, metallurgy, pharmaceutical and chemical industries);


Sphere of professional activity

- Higher educational institutions of state and non-state profile; government bodies in the field of education, chemical industry;

- Scientific research institutes of chemical, ecological, pharmaceutical, metallurgical, petrochemical, gas and coal profiles;

- Central laboratory laboratories of chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental, metallurgical, petrochemical, gas and coal industries;

- Establishments of the control and analytical service;

- Centers for standardization and certification; bodies of natural resources and environmental protection