Defense and listening to research practice 2 course geography

On April 3, at 12:00 there was a hearing and defense of reports in online format through the Microsoft Team platform on the research practice of  the 2nd year PhD doctoral students of the EP "8D05211-Search Geography and Geoinformation systems" of the 2020-2021 academic year.The hearing and defense were attended scientific supervisors of doctoral students, faculty members represented by SaparovKuatTabyldinovich, SaipovAbdimazhitAmanzholovich, MashtaevaShamshagulIbragimovna of the Department of Physical and Economic Geography, Faculty of Natural Sciences.

In the period from January 18 to March 27, 2021, in accordance with the IC (individual curriculum) of doctoral students, a research practice was conducted in an online format, in connection with the forced transition of universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan to a remote format due to the unstable situation with coronavirus infection in Kazakhstan.

In accordance with this schedule, doctoral students of the 2nd year of the Educational Program "Search Geography and Geoinformation Systems" completed research practice in an online format in various platforms in remote mode according to the schedule of work with scientific supervisors.;

There are 5 doctoral students in the group:

·   Madekesheva Bibatpa Nurlybekkyzy,scientific supervisor Mashtayeva Sh.I.

·   Mahanova Nursaule Bauyrzhanovna, scientific supervisor Berdenov Zh. G.

·   Ospanova Gulnara Shaimerdenovna, scientific supervisor Saipov A. A.

·   Toksanbayeva Sabina Tursynovna, scientific supervisor Ramazanova N. E.

·   Shyngysbaeva Shynar Kalkamanovna, scientific supervisor Saipov A. A.

The assigned tasks were performed in accordance with the program and plan of the research practice.

During the practice, the internal regulations of the department and the university were observed.

The report and the accounting documentation were prepared in a timely manner and executed in accordance with the requirements.

In general, the purpose and objectives of the research practice were completed. There were no difficulties during the practice.

The defense and hearing of the research practice reports was successful.

 The link to the video and the archive of the video is given below: archive