Summer field practice in botany in Zerenda - 2022

76 students of the 1st year of the faculty of natural sciences of the L.N. Gumilyov ENU, educational program 6B05107 - "Biology", visited the training and recreation center "Tumar", located in the urban-type settlement of Zerenda, Akmola region for field practice.

The health-improving center "Tumar" was built on the basis of the Eurasian National University. The place where it is located is rich in a huge number of natural beauties. Among them are coniferous forests, rocky and mountain formations, lakes and springs, as well as many truly amazing plants.
Field practice was held in the period 05/23/2022–06/11/2022 under the guidance of Ph.D. Associate Professor of the Department of General Biology and Genomics Dukenbaeva A.D. and PhD, acting Associate Professor, Nursafina A.Zh.
Upon arrival, the group was warmly and cordially greeted by the administration of the training and recreation center "Tumar". Upon arrival, the students were divided into groups into rooms with a comfortable environment, and after resettlement, they were familiarized with the zone of further residence.
According to the internship plan, the students visited: a pine forest, a birch grove, Bear Hill, Ulgulin Canyon, a pine nursery, as well as the famous Zerenda Lake.
During the first days of practice, the group visited a pine forest located near the health center. It is worth noting that in addition to pines, they discovered an incredible variety of flora, which they studied and collected samples for subsequent herbarization..

Our next destination was Lake Zerenda, on the banks of which beginner biologists collected hydrophytic plant species. The path passed through a small village. Upon arrival at the lake, the students began to collect interesting plants.

After that, the students visited a birch grove, the views of which delighted us at first sight..

However, it was only a transit point, the main goal that day was to visit Medvezhya Sopka. The destination was 700 m above sea level, the path was not easy, and therefore only a few were able to enjoy the view. At this height, an unprecedented view opened up, in the distance one could notice various villages, hills, Smolnaya Sopka and the famous Zerenda Lake.


After that, the group returned back to the educational and health center "Tumar", to process the information received and to herbarize the collected plants.

On the third day of the practice, the groups went together to the pine nursery, under the auspices of the local forester-engineer Vladimir P.M. Thanks to his efforts and skills as a guide, the students gained sufficient knowledge about this nursery and about the process of distribution of a certain type of coniferous trees. The forester told about the history of the nursery.
The next thing the guys went together to the Ulgulin Canyon. Nature in this place was full of different colors. Students also witnessed a spring, the water in which was crystal clear. Due to the constant flow of water, the air at the spring was cleaner than in other places.
As a result of field practice, students were able to gain practical skills in collecting and herbarizing plants. The knowledge gained in the course of practice will become an integral part of the profession of a biologist. The students were satisfied with the new experience they got during all these 3 weeks.