International cooperation

Currently, the international activities of the faculty are conducted in the following areas:

implementation of international educational and research programs and projects;

organization of internships and internships abroad for students, graduate students and faculty;

holding international scientific conferences and seminars;

training and internships for foreign students, graduate students and specialists;

attracting international investment in the development of the university;

activities in the framework of multilateral or bilateral agreements with foreign universities and other scientific and educational institutions.

The practical goals of the international activities of the Faculty of Natural Sciences are the development of academic mobility of students and teachers; introducing the principles of the Bologna process, as well as the Erasmus +, Erasmus Mundus, Horizon 2020, Tempus IV programs; conducting courses of learning foreign languages.

There is no doubt that international cooperation will contribute not only to the modernization of education, but also prepare the ground for the transition to a competitive, dynamic, scientific knowledge-based economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

International activities of FNS are characterized by versatility and reflect the high potential of the faculty. Successful implementation of international projects, the use of innovative forms of cooperation, the development of education exports, research in accordance with international standards, carried out in the most important areas of scientific and technological progress, all these components, mutually complementing each other, are an effective tool for ensuring the competitiveness of the faculty in the global educational space .

The Faculty of Natural Sciences has established cooperation with universities in different countries. Therefore, students of FNS ENU can undergo internships abroad.

France  Université de Lille I
China  Xinjiang University
Japan  University of Tsukuba
Great Britain   Newcastle University
Germany  The Zittau/Görlitz University of Applied Sciences