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Professional pedagogical practice of student

06.02.2023, a 4th-year student of OP 6B05302-Inorganic Chemistry Batyrbekkyzy Zhanbope held an open lesson within the framework of the pedagogical practice of the GCP at the PHV Secondary School 16 named after T.Aibergenov of the Akimat of Astana. On the topic “Calcium and magnesium kosylystary".
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Scientific internship of doctoral students of the Department of Chemistry

PhD students of the 2nd and 3rd courses of the educational program 8D05306 "Chemistry" Kovtareva S.Yu. and Nauryz S.M. perform research internship at the Faculty of Natural Science and Engineering in the Åbo Academy University, Turku (Finland), where, under the guidance of Professor Sergey Filippov, they conduct the experimental part of their dissertation. PhD students work in Professor Hongbo Zhang's research group, which is engaged in the development of all kinds of functional materials at various scales to solve clinical and biological problems.
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The pedagogical practice of students of the 4th year of the educational program 6B05302 – Inorganic chemistry

A 4th-year student of the educational program 6B05302-Inorganic Chemistry Zhaksylykova Asel Marlenkyzy held an open lesson on the topic "Crystalldyk tor turleri" as part of the pedagogical practice at the Lyceum No. 37 named after Syrbai Maulenov. Atakhan Dariga, a 4th-year student of the 6B05302-Inorganic Chemistry educational program, held an open lesson on the topic "Ammonia" as part of a pedagogical internship at the S.Maulenov Lyceum No. 37. The lessons was attended by the head of the practice Nurpeisova D.T.
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