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Nauryz meiramy 2023

On March 17, 2023, a tutor’s hour on the topic "Nauryz Meiramy" went at the Department of Chemistry. The event was attended by 1st year students of EP 6B05301 - Applied Chemistry (ACh-11, ACh-13) and 1st year students 6B05306 – Chemistry of Organic Substances and Polymers (OCh-11, OCh-13). The tutors of the groups are can. chem. sci. Belgibayeva D.S. and PhD Birimzhanova D.A.
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The lecturer-researcher of the Department of Chemistry Safarov R.Z. gave a lecture at the Alpamys school

On February 08, 2023, an overview lecture was held at the Alpamys school in Astana by the research teacher of the Department of Chemistry - Safarov R.Z. The lecture was held for students of the 10th grade of the school and devoted to research in the field of geochemistry and waste recycling. Ruslan Zairovich spoke about the methods of studying the composition of waste, their mapping and analysis of the results obtained. Students had the opportunity to study the topic in depth and get inspiration for further independent research.
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